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Karate Kids Information Page
Warrior Martial Arts - Karate Kids Programs: Little Dragons
The World Tang Soo Do Association has created a specially designed program for children ages 4 through 6. This program introduces children to the positive influences of the martial arts by stressing self-discipline and positive values. 
One of the best gifts you can provide for your children is the opportunity to possess the power of a successful life. What are the powers? Patience, Concentration, Humility, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and a Strong Healthy Body with good Mental and Physical Coordination. Our Karate Kids Program is unique in the physical education area, as it is not merely a form of self-defense. It is a Total Learning and Improvement activity. Children learning Tang Soo Do begin by practicing the basic skills, which are the foundation of this art. These skills improve and build coordination and balance.

We are professionals in this field and are dedicated to your child's development, growth and achievement. After a few months of training, each child should show dramatic changes, such as lower levels of anxiety, an increased sense of responsibility, and heightened self-esteem. Most will also begin to show improvement in their school studies. Their training could be the priceless gift of starting your child off properly on their road to a happy, successful life. We are licensed and fully trained professionals for this specific program. We believe in, and value, the education and character of your child.
Instructor's Mission
Our mission is to provide young children with the positive influence of the martial arts. This specially created program is a total learning activity that stresses education of values and character. We pledge to help your people learn patience, concentration, humility, self-discipline, self-control, and respect. We intend to enhance the successful lives of children through both personal development and achievement. 
What children can learn in the Karate Kids program
This program is designed to develop a positive character in today's children by utilizing strict guidelines and a fun atmosphere at the same time.
RespectOne of the basic premises of the martial arts is respect. We teach respect first, for themselves and all around them, and then we teach technique.
Self-DisciplineWhile we use the theory of an oriental warrior's disciplinary training, it is geared more towards teaching children self-control as their mind and body matures.
CoordinationThrough our routine technical training, a child's physical and mental coordination will improve.
BehaviorThe discipline and rules of conduct in our classes, along with the bowing answering 'yes, sir/ma'am' and other attitude requirements, help shape the child's behavior in a positive direction. 
ConfidenceChildren discover self value and pride through our training with the attitude of, 'he can do it, she can do it, I can do it'.
PatienceMany children have gotten used to instant gratification common in our high-tech world. Our classes will help to bring out their inner calmness and endurance. As they experience achievement through the progression of our belt system, they will learn to pursue goals with an 'always finish what you start' attitude.
ConcentrationDeveloping power of concentration through our training is assisted by our 'all our effort' which must be performed by the child in every class. Children learn the three keys of concentration - focus mind, focus eyes, and focus bodies. This is one of the most important benefits of our program. These power of concentration are transferred into a child's academic performance.
ResponsibilityChildren in our program learn that you must not only do the right thing, but you must do the right thing for the right reason. It's easy to do something because you fear punishment. Personal responsibility means that our children must choose the correct path on their own and accept the consequences for incorrect actions.
CooperationGroup training with other children teaches the skill of teamwork. Teamwork skills are valuable for use throughout the course of life.
Better HealthA formal training program helps to develop a child's body, inside and out. Better mental and physical health improves all other areas of a child's life, such as eating and sleeping habits.
Grow with sense of justiceBy utilizing our warrior's honor codes, children will mature and grow with a sense of fairness. Our instructors will enforce the right way and wrong way throughout our lessons. 

Studies show that children who continue to train in a good, traditional marital arts school tend to show improvements in a variety of areas, including academic performance, attention, behavior, self-esteem, and physical coordination.Michael E. Kaye, Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologies
Penn State University
As a parent-child clinical nurse specialist, I can attest to the benefits of Tang Soo Do training...the child's overall development as a person...learning to concentrate, focus attention, to obey instructions, to be patient and to accept constructive criticism...I heartily recommend Tang Soo Do training for any child (or adult) to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual growth and well being.Gaye Wilson, RN, MSN
Parent-Child Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sacramento County, California
Tang Soo Do training enhances a child's overall physical development of strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility and weight control; as well as strengthening the cardio-respiratory system.Gerald A. Stine, M.S. 
Exercise Science
Santa Rosa, California

Little Dragons Program - Ages 5 & 6
This program continues the focus of the Tiny Tigers program and additionally, stresses coordination, behavior, confidence, patience, and cooperation. This 45 Minute class is designed with the growing attention span of the age group in mind. While games and activities are still used, they are fewer in number and we start the transition to the children program. As well as Five Codes of Tang Soo Do we also begin learning and understanding the Seven Tenets of Tang Soo Do in this program. It is not required to attend the Tiny Tigers program before joining the Little Dragons program.